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Zerbe hires officer

TREVORTON — On Monday evening Zerbe Township supervisors unanimously approved the hiring of John Doucette as a part-time police officer. Doucette’s resume holds a wealth of law enforcement experience at the local, national and international level, including service to his country in the U.S. Armed Forces. He was welcomed with handshakes from all members of the board, along with Zerbe Township Police Chief Michael Kreischer.

Other items of business included the discussion of an ongoing water runoff issue affecting neighboring properties along Route 890. Township supervisors and engineers are still trying to determine the root cause of the recent drainage problems.

“At this time we’re not sure if it’s a leak from the water main or if a mountain spring may have been inadvertently tapped into,” said supervisor Mike Schwartz.

“We’re currently exploring all possibilities,” he added.

The board also approved:

• The transfer of $1,614.64 from the general fund to the fire truck fund.

•  $8,328.16 from the fire fund to the fire company.

• $1,040.97 from the fire fund to the new truck fund.

• A motion to adopt resolution 2018-1 requesting a Pa. Small Water and Sewer Program Grant in the amount of $137,764 from the Commonwealth Financing Authority of the Commonwealth of Pa. to be used for rehabilitation of the sanitary sewer system in the west end of Trevorton and designating Michael Schwartz, board chairman, and Michael Mazer, supervisor, as the officials to execute all documents and agreements. 

Township engineer John Bucanelli, P.E., of KPI Technology, Elysburg, stated that the township would receive up to 15 percent in matching funds and would need to issue a check in the amount of $100 for application fees.

Longtime Zerbe Township Street Department employee Jerome “Jerry” Bulchie who submitted his letter of resignation after 34 years.

“I’m officially off probation now,” said a smiling Bulchie.

In other business

There was a 36-percent increase in sewer bill delinquencies from residents of the township from $55,246 to $75,137. 

“We’re going to have to start shutting off service to those customers who aren’t paying their bills. There’s too much outstanding debt for the township to keep on going at this rate,” said Mazer.