The White Ibis is most commonly found in coastal areas of the southern United States.

Peak outside your window any day in North Central Pennsylvania and you are certain to see a variety of beautiful birds. For instance, having a family of cardinals as your neighbors is one of the privileges of living in our rural area. Birds are in such abundance here that it is easy to lose perspective of how truly blessed we are to have so many of them living amongst us.

Travel in North America with your birding hat on (metaphorically…unless you have an actual birding hat, in which case go ahead and wear it) and your mileage may vary. Certainly, there is quite a contrast with urban areas in terms of variety. For instance, our family had friends from central Philadelphia visit our home in Loyalsock a few years ago, and the window overlooking our small yard was excellent entertainment. Not just the birds — the chipmunks were also a huge hit. So, yeah, appreciate those little critters as well. Well, most of them. There is a family of chipmunks trying to infiltrate my house for this coming winter. They deserve no appreciation.

Austin White is a Director at Large with the Lycoming Audubon Society and an attorney at the McCormick Law Firm in Williamsport.

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Susan A Yucha

Loved the Fall when all the migratory birds had maps to stop at the Yucha home in Mt. Carmel for snack and fill up on their way South for the Winter. Logged many species on days of watching out our windows at my hand made feeders .

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