The 1966 Dodge Charger included numerous distinct design innovations that ushered in a period of unique automobile themes. It was the first larger size (117-inch wheelbase) car to feature a full fastback design with rear bucket seats and rear console.

Q: Greg, I follow your car column every week in our paper and especially enjoy the older cars I remember seeing as a child.

My Dad had a 1932 Plymouth convertible that my Mom hated because she thought my brother and I would fall out of it. Dad also had a ‘49 Dodge and a ‘53 Pontiac Chieftain and I believe there was also a Rockne before I was born, but my Dad would only talk about that car using a lot of words I didn’t understand. When he spoke about the Rockne, it made Mom yell at him as she covered our ears! (Author note: The Rockne was a Studebaker model named after Notre Dame’s famous football coach Knute Rockne. It was trouble plagued and only available in 1932 and 1933).

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