The 1958 Packard Hawk was a knock-off of the Studebaker Hawk sans some front and rear tweaking. Still, both the Studebaker Hawk and its sibling were well ahead of other manufacturers when it came to sporty styling.

Q: Greg, I just found an article you did online on the Studebaker Golden Hawk from near 10 years ago. In that column I didn’t see anything about the straight-drive factory overdrive 3-speed manual that my grandfather had in his 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk. His car had a 352-cubic-inch Packard engine, and it would run over 100-mph in that overdrive gear easy.

My family also owned a 1959 Lark, but never a Packard. Also, can you give an update on that Packard and Studebaker merger I remember? Why did it fail? Thanks for all your car nostalgia columns.

Greg Zyla writes weekly for More Content Now and Gannett Co., Inc. He welcomes reader questions and comments on auto nostalgia and collector cars at 303 Roosevelt St., Sayre, Pa. or at greg@gregzyla.com.

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