Dear Readers: First, happy New Year! Next, let’s play a game. It’s time to jump into the future. Pretend it’s Jan. 1, 2020. What happened? Tell me your story as if you’ve already lived it.

What did you experience? What did you accomplish? What goals did you reach? What fears did you conquer? What milestones did you achieve? Did you find love? Get a new job? Get a promotion? Reconnect with an old friend? Get married? Achieve financial independence? Graduate? Go to college? Pay off debt? Get sober? Get pregnant? Have a baby? Adopt a child? Get divorced? Leave an abusive partner? Come out? Go abroad? Volunteer? Get therapy? Meditate? Work out? Quit smoking? Relocate? Retire? Pray more? Play more? Take a risk you’ve always wanted?

Whatever you want to happen, pretend like it’s happened. To do this, you need to see it, hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it and believe it. Take yourself to this place. Do it every day. Instead of making a New Year’s resolution, tell your story as if it’s already happened. It’s one of my favorite tricks. I do it every day. If I’m nervous, anxious, uncomfortable or afraid, I’ll tell the story of what happened.

I pick a date beyond the fear and look back with a sense of calm. It’s a tool leaders, dreamers and teachers have been using for generations. Why does it work? You jump over all the fear, anxiety, rejection and self-limiting beliefs that stand in front of you. You experience the joy, excitement and emotions of getting where you’ve always wanted to go. It feels so good. Instead of focusing on why something isn’t possible, you feel what’s possible and invent how it happened. You spend your time finding answers instead of creating excuses. It’s a magical experience if you allow it to be.

WARNING: If you use this technique you will be forced to be vulnerable. You will find yourself filled with hope. You will be positive. You will start to believe in yourself and the world around you. If you’ve been hurt in the past, this might scare you. The idea of hoping will open you up to getting hurt again.

The Answer: Success using this approach is about moving in the direction you want to go and trusting the process. It’s about finding people who can help and reaching out to them. It’s about finding places where you find answers and asking questions. Success is about taking action, exercising patience, and knowing that wherever you land will be better than where you started.

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