Dear Harlan: I read your articles faithfully, but needed to respond regarding the teenager disgusted with her parents/grandparents feeling that all lives matter. What exactly is wrong with that? Whites and blacks are killed by whomever. Yes, black lives matter. So do whites, yellows, whatever. I’m sure there are true racists and stupid parents out there. Do not lump all of us in that category. You owe us an apology. We decent, respectful, loving, supportive, law-abiding citizens believe black lives matter. But also that white lives matter. Blue lives matter. In fact, ALL LIVES MATTER. God created us. We did not choose our skin color. We respect ALL people. Maybe that is why many of us have lived so long. And, again, I am not a racist, I’m not stupid, and I’m not always wrong. — Disappointed

Dear Disappointed: I didn’t mean to make you feel attacked. This teenager in the letter also mentioned that her parents don’t allow her to date outside of her race and she believes her parents and grandparents are racist. I believe her. I wanted to help her change generational racism. Yes, all lives matter, but when this expression is used in response to “Black Lives Matter,” it negates the deeper meaning behind the term.

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