Barbie Ferreira, left, and Haley Lu Richardson star in “Unpregnant.”

Halfway through Rachel Lee Goldenberg’s road trip comedy “Unpregnant,” the teenage protagonists swing by a carnival and climb aboard a whirling ride — not the most conventional spot for a heart-to-heart, but that doesn’t stop them. Gripping onto the ride’s restraints, Bailey Butler (Barbie Ferreira) and Veronica Clarke (Haley Lu Richardson) yell to each other, and to the world around them. Bailey likes girls! Veronica is pregnant and going to get an abortion! They take turns yelling, “We’re gay and pregnant!”

“I had this realization at a certain point, when we were prepping: It works almost annoyingly well as a metaphor for the movie,” Goldenberg, who directed and co-wrote the film, says of the scene. “They’re having this intimate conversation about important things, but we put them in this totally insane situation and leave them to deal with it there.”

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