In many ways, pheasants are similar to chickens. Treat them the same to ensure the best possible table fare.

We all know that when it comes to big game like deer, bear or elk, it’s important to take care of your harvest immediately to ensure the quality of both the meat as well as the fur for the taxidermist. A few minutes of proper care can make a huge amount of difference both in the meals you’ll later be serving and in the trophy that you’ll display in your home or camp. My question today is do you give the same care to fowl or other game that you harvest? If not, you should.

It’s amazing the number of hunters I know who take the time to cool and clean a big game harvest, yet when taking small game, carry it around in their vest without any thought at all to how it will be affected.

Larry Hendricks is an avid outdoorsman from Union County.

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