In mid-July these bucks are already showing good antler growth. How big they will be until fall is anybody’s guess. Large or small, there’s something about antlers that attracts the nature lover’s eye.

Coming around a sharp bend in the road we caught the whitetail buck in the process of crossing from one side to the other. The deer stopped long enough to give the Jeep a quick glance and then with a graceful leap, sprang into the roadside brush, disappearing from view.

With it now being mid-July, our local deer herd has been busy developing antlers since late March or early April. Some buck are showing a great start on just how big their racks will be once hardened come late August or early September. While personally, I’m not completely satisfied with all of our current deer management policies, you certainly have to admit antler restrictions have paid off, with today’s hunter seeing both larger and heavier-racked buck. In fact, some of these deer develop into trophy-size, beyond anything hunters from a generation ago thought possible.

Larry Hendricks is an avid outdoorsman from Union County.

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