SHAMOKIN — The Greater Shamokin Area Chamber of Commerce is asking the Shamokin Redevelopment Authority, as employer of the contractor involved, to do something about deplorable street conditions in the Bunker Hill section of the city, resulting from large-scale excavations for new sewer lines.

Prompted by continuing numerous complaints from residents of the Bunker Hill area, the Chamber has not only asked the authority to take immediate action in the matter but has also submitted a series of recommendations, the implementation of which, officers believe, would go a long way toward eliminating or at least alleviating many of the problems.

The request for action was contained in the following communication, signed by Chamber president Don A. Rosini, to Lawton W. Shroyer, chairman of the Shamokin Redevelopment Authority.

“The Greater Shamokin Area Chamber of Commerce officers and directors have received scores of complaints from residents of the Bunker Hill redevelopment area.

‘Everyone recognizes that the contractors performing the work face a most difficult task at best, in installing new sewer line due to incomplete diagrams of existing sewer, water and gas lines, in addition to severe weather conditions which have existed, but it is felt that some improvements in their methods could be made with reasonable effort.

“The major complaint is the seemingly total unconcern by the sewer contractor for the convenience of the residents. They include opening of excavations prior to the Thursday evening shut-down and leaving these openings for the entire weekend — and at times longer; lack of signs advising of dead-end streets due to excavations; failing to make adequate fills after excavation and work is completed causing damage to automobiles.

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