SHAMOKIN — As area residents shoveled off their sidewalks and brushed snow off their car windows today, they were hopeful that the heavy snowstorm Tuesday was Old Man Winter’s “last hurrah.” Regional accumulations ranged up to five inches.

“Maybe this is the onion snow,” said one optimistic area resident. “Yet, if it is the onion snow, why didn’t it stick to everything?”

The snow was especially hard to take because in recent weeks the area has enjoyed unseasonable spring-like weather. Basking in the warmth of 70-degree sunshine, some area residents were lulled into the mistaken belief that winter was a thing of the past. Some snow shovels were already stored away in cellars. Some winter coats were placed in mothballs. Tennis rackets and basketballs and kids in roller skates became familiar sights at playgrounds throughout the area.

Then, suddenly it was winter again. Shovels and ice scrapers were brought out for a repeat performance. Winter coats replaced light jackets.

“I was sure winter was over. I was beginning to get spring fever and everything,” said one Shamokin man.

Many people couldn’t believe their eyes as the snow began falling in the early daylight hours Monday morning and continued until last night. It wasn’t that people didn’t have ample warning. Weather reports in newspapers, on the radio, and on television all predicted snow.

“I didn’t think it would amount to anything. I thought we’d just get a few snow flurries,” grumbled one disgruntled snow shoveler.

The geese, which were applauded in recent weeks as messengers of spring, lost much of their prestige in the minds of some people.

“Why didn’t the geese stay down south if we were supposed to get some severe weather? Those birds aren’t as smart as I thought,” said one area man who sighted a flock of geese flying northward a few weeks ago.

Harry Brightbill, superintendent of the Northumberland County District of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, reported this morning that as of 8:00 a.m., all primary roads in the county were in “very good” condition. He said that secondary roads had also been plowed.

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