SHAMOKIN — First major snowstorm of the winter season struck the News-Item circulation area Wednesday night and continued Thursday with a winter storm warning forecast for the remainder of the day.

Although the area escaped the brunt of the storm Wednesday night, an expected accumulation of six to 12 inches was predicted causing cancellation of classes at Our Lady of Lourdes Regional High School and all parochial schools in the Shamokin Area.

Snow removal crews were either called out early this morning or worked throughout the night in the various municipalities. Roadways were reported snow-covered, but “passable and safe.”

Harry Brightbill, PennDot superintendent, reported the new dual shifting was in operation and working out very favorably. Brightbill said, “our efforts in dual shifting are saving in overtime and we can continuously work on all roads as snow continues to fall.”

The superintendent said the 49 employees scheduled to start work this morning at 4:00 a.m. were called out at midnight. “We were able to get an early start last night spreading chemicals to prevent packing of the snow. Although the roadways are snow-covered, I am well satisfied with the condition of all county roads,” Brightbill added.

Anti-skid material was spread wherever needed. The superintendent said he traveled on many second and third class roads and they were all safe. He suggested drivers proceed with caution, however.

PennDOT has 24 trucks in operation either plowing or spreading chemicals. There were seven loaders activated at docking areas and three graders for plowing snow.

Shamokin city workmen were called out Wednesday night at 8:00 and continued throughout the night. Ralph Klinger, city foreman, and Assistant Albert Krieger said the roads were cindered and salted until snow became too deep.

The roads were plowed as snow continued to fall this morning.

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