For now, Nick and Francesca Drez are happy in their home in the Denver area. But if they decide to relocate, they’re all set. All they have to do is drive the whole home down the road. Launched in the 1970s as part of the hippie culture, the skoolie movement today is growing, encompassing smart, custom-crafted little homes that have handsome finishes and high-tech features enabling them to provide the comforts of home, the joys of mobility and the economies of living partially or totally off grid. With their full metal frame, robust structure, large tires and height above the ground, skoolies are regarded by many to be sturdier and safer than typical RVs.

Their home is on wheels but it’s not a trailer. Nor is it a standard motor home or recreational vehicle (RV), which generally are pre-designed for camping or other occupancy.

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