Johnny Maestro’s final performance was captured on an out-of-focus video at a show in Connecticut on Jan. 17, 2010. After a 53-year career as lead tenor who led two groups to Top Ten hits, he would be dead of kidney cancer nine weeks later on March 24 at age 70.

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Most of us are probably guilty of holding onto items that we probably should have given away or thrown away years ago. However, there are sometimes treasures among such articles.

We remember our deceased veterans on Memorial Day, think about vets with pride on the Fourth of July and honor all veterans on Veterans Day. However, the other day, just a plain, ordinary non-holiday, I thought of veterans when I was cutting up a watermelon.

I don’t know about you, but there have been days when it seemed that I complained about nearly everybody and everything starting with the alarm clock sounding and not stopping until I went back to sleep that night.

There is no doubt that music can and does evoke strong emotions. Most couples have what they term “our song.” JoAnn’s and my song is the Elvis Presley classic “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.” Every time we see Elvis singing it in the film “Blue Hawaii” or hear it playing, we cannot hel…

A long-time friend has an abundance of wisdom and good judgment. (His choice of me as a long-time friend is a rare lapse in that good judgment.)

My brother Dave, sister-in-law, Holly, and I looked out the window at my parents’ backyard. It was a sublime scene as candles glowed on the tables where family and friends were celebrating the 40th anniversary of Joe and Mae Kozlowski at a party also staged by my brother Phil, his wife, Hele…

While most kitchens today are equipped with a television, our viewing in that room is limited to the window above our sink. It only gets one channel, but typically the programming we find out the window is of better quality than what we would see by gazing at the TV screen.

Last week was one of those weeks. It was hectic at work. The chores were accumulating at home and the grass was rapidly approaching “amber waves of grain” status. Family obligations were piling up. To top it off, there seemed to be more work than usual in the two online courses that I am taking.

Ever since 1971 when federal law made Memorial Day the last Monday in May so people could have a three-day weekend, most people associate the holiday with cookouts, camping trips, visits to amusement parks and other leisure activities.

“The vocation is truly a treasure that God places in the hearts of some men, chosen by Him and called to follow Him in this special state of life. This treasure, that must be discovered and brought to light, is not made to ‘enrich’ someone alone. He who is called to the ministry is not the ‘…