Some people are inclined to look down upon the practice of re-gifting. They might not like to receive a waffle iron or blender that someone else got as a wedding anniversary present even if the appliance was never even taken out of its box.

However, re-gifting does have its good points. If you get a fruitcake as a Christmas present, you can pass it along to someone else with a clear conscience, secure in the fact that person is going to give it to someone else.

It is also quite possible you might receive some very nice items as re-gifts. You won’t often be the recipient of something very valuable because its owner does not have a use for it, but you could make out quite well with a present someone does not need. Furniture, clothing and other useful items are not uncommon re-gifts.

However, the most common, most overlooked and most valuable re-gifts are when we pass along to others what God has given to us. This is not just limited to giving money to worthwhile charities or people in need.

It involves us giving our time and talents to help others. This could be just taking the time to listen to someone who is going through a rough time. It doesn’t mean that we have to solve that person’s problem, because we probably can’t. However, sometimes knowing someone cares enough to listen is just what someone needs.

God has given each of us a unique set of gifts. We are not all good with our hands, talented artists, melodic singers or great cooks, but each of us is gifted in some way.

When it comes down to it, though, God’s greatest gift to each of us is His love. And when we pass that love on to someone else, it is the greatest re-gift of all.


When shared, God’s love is even more precious.

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