Unfortunately, family feuds are not limited to the popular game show. Sadly, there are many families where parents are estranged from children, siblings are not on speaking terms with other siblings and there are a variety of dysfunctional family combinations that have separated from each for years.

In some cases, they never got along. In other cases, there was an incident, issue or argument that led to them not speaking to each other for years. Often, money is the cause, but there are countless other reasons. Just as often, though, the estranged family members cannot even remember exactly what caused the ill feelings and separation.

If one of the offended parties happens to take the first step toward reconciling, the other might take the next step, and there is a chance that the distance and silence between them will be just a bad memory.

However, even sadder and more tragic is when someone becomes separated from his or her faith in God. Perhaps, there was an incident that caused the person to feel this way — an unanswered prayer for the health or life of a loved one, having a child die or a chronic and painful illness. It might have been just doubt in God’s existence. Or it could just be that the person drifted away from God.

They might even live out the rest of their lives not realizing what they missed by pulling away from God’s love. However, there is always hope of reconciliation. They might have turned their backs on God, but He never turns His back on them.

If they turn around and take the first step toward God, they will find that God has always been with them. He is waiting for them with arms open to welcome them just as the father was waiting for the prodigal son to return.

We can separate ourselves from our faith in God, but the heavenly Father’s love is never separated from us.


God is always ready to fill the hole in our heart.

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