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The holiday season could easily be known as the “too much season.” Warming up with the great food of Thanksgiving, many of us are in overindulgence overdrive for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Much of this involves eating too much. Too much turkey, too much ham, too much serious cookie gobbling time.

Some use the festive mood of the season to drink too much. There’s nothing wrong with a social glass or two, but there are those who wake up to the smell of pork and sauerkraut on New Year’s Day and sincerely regret overdoing it the night before.

Of course, you can do too much of a good thing — or a bad thing — at any time of the year. Eating or drinking too much is a year-round pastime for some, so much so it endangers their health.

Others waste too much time playing video games, checking social media, watching TV or engaging in other pastimes. There is nothing wrong with any of those activities except when we go to extremes and take time away from what we could be doing.

We could be spending quality time with those we love or helping those in need. However, it is even possible to overdo those otherwise worthwhile activities. We can love someone to the point of obsession or spend so much time doing good deeds for others that we ignore the needs of our family.

Come to think of it, the only thing we cannot do too much is to love God. Some people become religious fanatics out of a misplaced sense of love of God. However, we cannot truly love God or love God truly too much.

No matter how much we love God, we can never come close to how much He loves us.


We can never love God too much.

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