As Mother’s Day approached, I suddenly realized that it would be the 10th one that has occurred since I don’t have my mother with an earthly address to which I could address a card.

Mother’s Day evokes too many thoughts about her to fit in this column — or a book. I have no idea how many delicious meals she cooked for Dad, my two brothers, sister and me. However, I can recall her taking the time to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for us kids by spreading two squares of peanut butter and two of jelly on a piece of bread.

I cannot count how many “boo-boos” she kissed or how many times she administered first-aid to my brothers and me. However, I do recall how calm she appeared each time she and Dad had to rush us to an emergency room. It wasn’t until later that we learned that Mother had to control her panic so she wouldn’t cause us to panic.

It is hard to calculate how many hours of sleep Mother lost waiting for her children as teenagers and then young adults to return home. It’s easy to realize that she did not go to sleep until the last of us was safely home for the night.

It is simple to recollect how she welcomed my sisters-in-law, brother-in-law and my wife, JoAnn, into the family. She always treated JoAnn as a daughter. I cannot remember her ever interfering in the lives of her children and their families. We lived next door to her for 14 years and she never came over unless she was invited.

Her final 18 months or so battling brain cancer do not hold the most pleasant memories. However, it is impossible to forget how her strong faith in and love for God never wavered. She never questioned God’s will.

So, while I cannot send her a card again on this 10th Mother’s Day without her, I can do what I do every day. I can send prayers to Mother because I know her new address.


Love is eternal.

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