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When JoAnn and I were married 27 years ago on Sept. 7, the day flew by in a blur. If it weren’t for the videos taken by her Uncle Sam and the wedding photos by Harry Deitz, the Mass and the reception would have been just hazy, yet wonderful memories.

However, the 27 years since that glorious day seem to have gone by nearly as quickly. We have been blessed. When 27 years of marriage seems more like 27 days, God’s graces have been abundant.

One the most important lessons that I have learned has been about sacrifice — when you make sacrifice for the one who you love it really is more a blessing than a sacrifice. It gave me an insight of what my parents did for me and my siblings and what JoAnn’s folks did for her and her brother.

Both our sets of parents denied themselves little luxuries or, more often, items that they really needed for the sake of their children. Yet, I don’t think they thought of what they were doing as sacrificing. They did it for love.

There are times when I want to do something for myself, such as read a book or watch a movie, but I don’t because I want to do something to help JoAnn. I know that JoAnn frequently puts my needs ahead of her own. We both tried to do that for our parents; she still does that for her mom as the only surviving parent. Yet, it is not a sacrifice because we do it for love.

If this is true for us and our parents, it is truer to an infinite degree for God, Who has given us every good thing that we have. He even sent His Son, Jesus, to Earth as a sacrifice to defeat sin and death in order to offer us eternal life.

Yet, He did not consider that a sacrifice. He did it for love.


No sacrifice is too great for a love as great as God’s.

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