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Most of us are probably guilty of holding onto items that we probably should have given away or thrown away years ago. However, there are sometimes treasures among such articles.

Such was the case recently when JoAnn asked me to go through some of her late dad’s large accumulation of prayers, devotional books, holy cards and other items that reflect his simple yet steel-strong faith in God.

There were only three greeting cards among the hundreds of items and all of them had two things in common — JoAnn and a religious theme. One was a Father’s Day card signed by JoAnn on behalf of her younger brother, Carl. The earliest card was a spiritual bouquet from JoAnn to her dad for Valentine’s Day, bearing her name that she printed in pencil and her promise to offer the intentions of one Mass and three rosaries for him.

However, my favorite is a card for some long-ago birthday. In addition to the signatures below prayers for the blessings of the Sacred Heart, JoAnn wrote the following: “Dear Daddy, Happy Birthday. I didn’t get you a gift, but whenever you need anything and it’s a reasonable price, I’ll get it for you. Happy Birthday and may it be a blessed birthday. Love, JoAnn. Here are three pennies to bring you Good Luck all through the year. God Bless you!”

I don’t know if her dad ever found something at a “reasonable price” to serve as his gift. I do know this, though.

Her dad, a man whose life was centered around his God, his church, and his wife, Liz, and their children, JoAnn and Carl, treasured those cards.

To have the love of God and his family as expressed in those cards by JoAnn, a daughter who inherited his faith, was not a present at a reasonable price. It was a treasure that is priceless.


God’s love and family love are our greatest treasures.

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