Wisdom is not necessarily restricted to seniors. When a friend of mine gave a brief spiritual reflection, he focused on the advice of his 12-year-old son.

My friend and his wife had a disagreement typical of a long-married couple. In other words, it was something they would probably not even remember 2 days later. However, the guy wound up in the one room and his wife in another as both probably replayed the conversation in the afterglow of anger.

Their son knocked on the door to the room where his father was and his first words were, “Dad, I heard you guys fighting, and I think you should apologize to Mom.” The adolescent raised his hand and halted his father’s protest as effectively as a police officer directing traffic.

“It’s up to you, Dad. You can choose to show her you are right or you can choose to show her you love her.” Then the boy left his father to his thoughts. Moments later, the man was on the way to apologize to his wife.

My friend says that he always hears his son’s words “You can choose to show her you are right or you can choose to show her you love her” whenever he and his wife have a disagreement.

I also try to keep those words in mind whenever JoAnn and I disagree. The does not prevent disagreements, but it does help to resolve them peacefully and quickly.

How many times do we get carried away in the heat of the moment, determined win an argument by proving that we are right? How many times do people who truly love each other waste their anger over something forgettable? How many times does our pride overshadow our love?

Of course, our tendency to this does not only apply to people. Sometimes, we disagree with God over what is happening in our life.

Unlike us, God is always right. Even more unlike us, God always chooses to show His love for us even when we are wrong.


God loves us even when we are wrong.

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