It is often a matter of perspective. That insight occurred as I drove by the home where my family lived for more than 50 years. It was where my two brothers, sister and I grew up.

On the day when we had cleared the last of the possessions, I took one last walk with my footsteps echoing on the hardwood floor in the quiet house.

Going into the bedroom I shared with my brothers, I could not believe how small it was. When we were kids, it didn’t seem all that crowded with bunkbeds, a single bed, marble-topped bureau and large circular clothes rack.

The same was true of the modest-sized backyard. At one time, it seemed huge. It was big enough to function as a football and a baseball field. The boarded-up panes of glass in the garage windows reminded me that it wasn’t as big as we thought. The playgrounds where we slid and swung are not around anymore, but if they were, I realize that the steel sliding board would not appear nearly as high or endless as it once seemed.

It is a matter of perspective.

This is also true for more serious matters. Breaking up with a high school sweetheart was a tragedy rivaling Romeo and Juliet, but you wound up finding the love of your life years later. A serious illness that seemed so frightening was still a scary experience, but you emerged from it a better, stronger, more compassionate person. A loved one died, but after working through your grief you now try to emulate that person’s good qualities.

It is a matter of perspective.

God gave us the freedom to choose what type of person we strive to be and choose what we value most. He knows what we will do, but He allows us to do what we want. He knows how everything will turn out; how that puppy love will eventually be followed by genuine love.

We cannot see things from God’s perspective, but we can trust that God sees things from our perspective.


Faith keeps life in perspective.

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