It was a situation that would have been mathematically impossible 20 years ago. There were three, two-way conversations going, but only four of us in the car. Before you start thinking in terms of fractions, I should explain.

Each of the two back-seat passengers was talking to someone on the phone. One was conversing with a relative about family matters; the other was talking to a lawn care guy to schedule a badly needed mowing. The driver and the front-seat passenger were talking over various topics.

These days, the situation was a bit unusual in the fact that while the four people were not talking to each other, at least their communication involved talking. It is not uncommon to have students sitting at the same table in the school cafeteria texting back and forth with each other instead of speaking to each other.

The irony with the opportunities that technology provides to communicate with virtually everyone from neighbors next door to people just about anywhere in the world is that many of us rarely have in-depth conversations with each other anymore. While technology shrinks the world, we often shrink into our own little worlds in which we cannot or will not find the time to talk to each other.

The tragedy is that this applies to communicating with God; something we do not need technology to do. Now as always, all we have to do is pray and we can be sure that God is listening even if He does not always give us the answer we want to hear.

Now as always, we also must be willing to listen to what He says in the silence of our heart. We also have to be willing to make the time to throughout each day to speak to and listen to God.


You can’t text God, but can talk to Him.

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