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At the reception on the eve of the wedding, the groom, whom I have known all his life, told me something I already knew — the ceremony at a hotel would non-religious. Then, he added, “But the hotel is next to a church.”

“Well, then you’ll have spiritual Wi-Fi,” I replied, referring to the radio wireless local area networking for electronic devices that is found is so many public places and privates homes. It allows users to tap into the World Wide Web on the internet to take advantage of its vast resources.

When I thought about that offhand remark a few days later, the little joke had gained a deeper meaning.

How often do we have friends or relatives who were given a religious upbringing by the parents only to drift away from their faith? Often, it is not that they don’t believe in God. It is just a matter of a slow traveling away from God. They get so caught up with their work, family obligations and their own enjoyment, they rarely think about God.

Of course, there are those who have been traumatized by someone they trusted, or those who have the serious doubts of agnosticism or the total disbelief of atheism.

Yet, there are often loved ones praying for them daily. Now, prayer is not going to convince God to force those people to return to Him. He is always there to welcome them back with love, but He gives everyone the freedom to choose to return or stay away.

Our prayers are more like the spiritual Wi-Fi mentioned in my impromptu remark. They are a “wireless network” to God that our loved ones can connect to any time they want. Then they will be tap into the unlimited, unimaginable resources of God.


God’s love is available everywhere and any time.

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