saturday spirit

I don’t know about you, but there have been days when it seemed that I complained about nearly everybody and everything starting with the alarm clock sounding and not stopping until I went back to sleep that night.

Unfortunately, I’ve had very few days — if any — when I continually thanked God for the innumerable blessings and graces He has bestowed on me.

There are countless blessings that we experience on a daily basis starting with just waking up. If we have food to eat, reasonably good health, family and friends who love us, a job or some type of income, a place to live, we have reason to be thankful. Some people do not have any of those blessings and still find reason to thank God for what they do have, so I have more than enough cause for gratitude.

My thanksgiving is even more profound after JoAnn’s and my return from the ninth annual Koz Fest family reunion. I am deeply appreciative of my siblings and their spouses, Phil and Helen, Dave and Holly, and Mary Jo, niece Claire, nephew Christian and his fiancé Amelia, nephew Greg, and cousins Jack, Ilka, Ninette and her friend Chris.

I am grateful for the family members who were not there, such my brother-in-law Holden and the rest of the cousins. Then, there are those who no longer with us —Uncle Al and Aunt Jane, Uncle Johnny and Aunt Catherine and Aunt Marcia. Most missed are my mother and dad, who brought me into this family.

Finally, I have my wife, JoAnn, to share my blessings and faith with.

When you add everything up, instead of complaining I have more than enough reasons to spend my day thanking God for all that He has given me out of love. I suppose you probably do, too.


Take time to give thanks.

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I love your Saturday's Spirit writings !

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