saturday spirit

While spending an early October weekend at Malvern Retreat Center, JoAnn and I were surveying a sylvan scene in front of the impressive grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.

As we were absorbed by and absorbed in the quiet of that moment, we noticed several golden leaves glide gently from their lofty perches to the woodland floor. It reminded us of God’s countless graces that quietly fill our lives and nourish our souls throughout each day.

As we rush through our days and fill our lives with almost-constant noise and distractions, it is easy to overlook such graces.

The next day we were at Mass in the chapel. The wall of windows flooded the half-circle altar with light. There is an unusual cross in a small garden and framed in the large center window. It was created not from metal or even processed lumber. It consists of tree limbs stripped of their bark and weathered gray.

It is powerful in its simplicity. Then something even more powerful occurred. A gust of wind sent the golden leaves of a nearby tree floating down like an autumnal flurry all around the simple cross.

The falling leaves were an even more effective reminder that the endless graces that fill our lives of gifts from God through the sacrifice of His Son. They are always there. We just have to remember to look for and be grateful for them.


Our thanks should be nearly as numerous as God’s graces.

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