saturday spirit

Sometimes, food can make your eyes water as well as your mouth.

This was the case when a friend recreated a dish that was made by his wife’s much-missed grandmother. When my friend’s son entered the kitchen, the familiar aroma caused his eyes to mist up as it evoked pleasant memories of his beloved great-grandmother. He was even more emotional as he savored the flavor that reminded him in a special way of the love of his “second mom.”

Many of us experience the presence of departed loved ones in similar ways. My wife JoAnn makes macaroni salad (and many other dishes) just like my mother did, so that taste evokes memories of many happy hours at the kitchen table at my parents’ home. Sometimes, the smell of Jean Naté After Bath Splash on a woman in church reminds me of my mother. The same holds true when I hear a guy laugh like my dad did or see someone who reminds me of him.

Hearing a familiar song can have the same effect. Watching a film that you once enjoyed in the company of family or friends can bring back fond recollections of them.

Our senses can also bring us closer to someone whom we love but have never met — God. We can hear His love in the rustling of the leaves or the laughter of children. We can smell it in a bed of fragrant flowers. We can see it in the grandeur of the Grand Canyon or the marvelous intricacy of a spider’s web. We can taste it in delicious foods eaten with thanksgiving. We can feel it when we hold someone we love close to us.

If we are aware of God’s love that is all around us, we will often find our eyes water with joy.


God’s love surrounds us.

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