saturday spirit

It’s nice to be needed, but it’s just as nice when people are there when you need them.

Sometimes it’s people that we know. My wife JoAnn is always there when I need her. Of course, the same held true for my parents. It also applies to my brothers, sister and their spouses, as well as good friends and neighbors.

But there are times when we do not know the people we need. If we are the victim of a crime, there is usually a compassionate and conscientious law enforcement officer there to help. The same is true for when volunteer firefighters prevent a small kitchen fire from becoming a personal disaster or for emergency crews who are there when you or loved one needs immediate care.

Often, there are others who come to us in our time of need. If your household pipes begin spraying water at 2 a.m., you can call a reliable plumber. If your basement is flooded as a result of torrential rains, a carpet-cleaning service might be exactly what you need at time. If your car won’t start, a mechanic can provide the skills that you need to get back on the road.

Of course, some independent people don’t believe that they need anyone. They would rather do it themselves or do without. There are also times when people, even those closest to us, are not around when we need them.

My parents were not waiting in the shadows, ready to pop out the moment I did something stupid and could have used some help. As much JoAnn loves me, it is impossible for her to be on-call every time I wish she were there to help.

The only one who is always there to help us is God, but He is not some sort of genie who will grant us what we think we need. He will give us what we truly need, provided we are willing to accept His will. One more thing: We need to realize that we need His help.


God is indeed a friend in our need.

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