A long-time friend has an abundance of wisdom and good judgment. (His choice of me as a long-time friend is a rare lapse in that good judgment.)

Anyway, his talent for giving good advice was evident a few years ago when his son was going to get married. His son had just lost his much-beloved great-grandmother and his fiancée had to cope with the loss of her grandfather.

My friend advised his son that he and his future wife would have to learn from the sad situations that they were going through. As a married couple, they would have to be there to support each other in bad times as well as good.

If his wife was going through a rough time with the illness or death of a loved one or from some other problem, she should be able to shift some of that burden to him. The reverse would be true. He would share the problems or worries that were weighing him down. They would be able to lighten each other’s load. Of course, they would also be there to share and magnify each other’s joy.

It’s hard to improve upon such guidance. That’s the way true love works.

It goes without saying that same advice would apply without human limit when it comes to God. When we are heavily burdened by something in our lives — unemployment, illness, death, addiction — God wants us to share our problems with Him.

When we pray to Him about our problems, He will give us the strength and guidance to lead us to a solution for our problem or grant the peaceful acceptance that comes from faith and trust in His will.

God is always there for us. Jesus Christ shouldered the burden on the cross on the way to His crucifixion for our sake and salvation.

That’s the way true love works.


God is always willing lighten our load with love.

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