There’s no mistaking when an infant is hungry and wants her bottle. Smoke alarms can be drowned out by the cries of a hungry baby. It’s time for food and that’s all there is to it.

Older children have a larger perspective on time. They go from day to day. If they see a toy they like, they have to have it that very day. We’re not much different as adults. If we think we need a new pair of slacks or a big-screen TV, we’ll drive miles and miles to make sure we get it as quickly as possible.

If anything, the popularity of on-line shopping has made us even more impatient. Even a guaranteed two-day delivery from anywhere in the country seems like an awfully long time to wait.

Sad to say, many of us have this attitude when it comes to prayer requests. Although God always hears our prayers, we go one step further and expect Him to take immediate action on our requests. It is not really saying a prayer; it is more like placing an order.

The problem is that we often forget that our time is not God’s time. Despite how this may seem to us at the time, this is a good thing. How many times have we sincerely and devotedly prayed for something only to discover months or even years later that God has blessed us far more with something entirely different than what we requested?

Perhaps, the hardest prayers to wait to see answered are those we pray on the behalf of someone else. Someone we love is facing a difficult problem — serious illness, divorce, drug addiction. We wholeheartedly want God to help that person now.

The point is that, while God might not answer our intercessory prayer as quickly or in the same way we thought we would like, He will answer it at the right time and in the right way.

God’s time is always the right time.


God hears our prayers immediately;

He answers them when they need to be answered.

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