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“Never think that distance of place can ever separate souls which God has united by the ties of His love.” St. Francis de Sales’ advice in his “Letters to Persons in the World” was written about four centuries ago, but it proved true today even though the world is a much different place.

Actually, it’s hectic schedules and not distance that has kept us from getting together with our good friend, except on rare occasions, in the past few years. Then a few weeks ago, we got an e-mail request from our friend’s sister, also a friend, for us to pray for a close relative. We immediately began the prayers and when we heard from our friend’s sister a week or so later that the relative would need surgery, we increased the prayers and got in contact with the friend.

Since then, JoAnn and our friend have exchanged texts and phone calls on a regular basis. I’m not as tech savvy as JoAnn, so I have been trading e-mails and offering prayers. The relative’s surgery was successful, so now the prayers are for her quick recovery and complete restoration to full health. In the meantime, our friend has been offering me prayers and encouragement for my own minor health issue.

The experience has given a greater appreciation of our long-time friends and the decades our families have been praying for each other.

Even though we might be separated by distance and the busy-ness of life, we are connected by faith. Or, as St. Francis ends his observation, “All having only one treasure which is the same God are consequently always joined and united together.”


Faith-filled friends are only a prayer away.

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