It was a tale of two trips. I did the driving Wednesday evening with my friend as a passenger. The roles were reversed Saturday morning.

We were supposed to attend an evening meeting, but when we got to the place the parking lot seemed short of the parked vehicles we expected to see. We found out why when we went into the building. It seems our meeting had been canceled, but the text message was sent out after we had already left.

It was one of those things, but I was not in a good mood. I grumbled about having to make an hour return trip and grumbled some more when we ran into an interstate traffic jam that lasted for about five miles and 15 minutes. My passenger kept trying to get me to look on the bright side — that we would be getting home about two hours earlier than we thought — but I still averaged 10 complaints to the gallon.

On Saturday morning, our destination was an important event. We left two hours early even though the trip was only an hour and 10 minutes. The drive was uneventful until we ran into a major traffic backup. We took the delay calmly at first, but the driver became more worried with each passing minute. This time, I was the one trying to easy my friend’s mind. After following a do-it-yourself detour, we wound up arriving just as the event was starting.

On the ride home, the irony struck home. When I was driving and complaining, my friend tried to make me see the positive. When my friend was driving and worrying, I tried to do the same for him. I don’t know how successful either one of us was. It is much easier to stay calm and positive when you’re not in the driver’s seat.

Then, another thought struck. Ultimately, God’s in the driver’s seat. The only way we will find hope, joy and peace is to trust if we go with God, we will arrive at our ultimate destination.


Trust in GPS (God, prayer, salvation).

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