It is often easier to help someone than to ask for help. Likewise, it is less difficult to tell someone you will pray for her and his special intention than it is ask to someone to pray for you.

Recent minor surgery reminded me of this. I am not prone to ask family and friends for help. I try to help people whenever I can, but I think that everyone has enough to handle without me asking for something else — even prayers.

I am often proven wrong and most often I am proven wrong — for the best of reasons — by my wife JoAnn. This was just the latest such incident.

JoAnn reached out to some our relatives and close friends to ask for their prayers for the success of the surgery. They responded with requested prayers, as well as with Mass cards and touching get-well cards.

It took a while to start feeling better physically after the surgery, but I immediately felt better spiritually as a result of their prayers and well wishes.

In thinking about the experience, I realized that my reluctance to seek help from others is probably more due to pride and not a reluctance to be a bother to others. It takes humility to admit that you need help — whether is material help or, more importantly, spiritual help.

It also taught me that I must not hesitate to ask God for help. I pray many intercessory prayers on behalf of others and prayers of thanksgiving as a result of spiritual requests granted. God already knows what I truly need, but I have to be humble enough to ask Him about those concerns in prayer.

Humility is going to God with our deepest spiritual needs. Faith is knowing that God will give us exactly what we need — even if it isn’t always what we ask for.


Humbly seek God’s help; gratefully receive it.

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