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It was a housewarming that was heartwarming.

JoAnn and I were among the friends and family (we are officially friends and unofficially family) invited to the housewarming party of our favorite young couple, Jared and Michelle. It was a little over two summers since the July day when we were delighted to be among those gathered to celebrate the fact that the couple’s high school romance had blossomed into a much-anticipated wedding.

Last Saturday, we were on hand to see the place that made them homeowners for the first time. This was after nearly two years of blissful apartment dwelling as they both embarked on post-college careers, Michelle in graphic design and Jared as a fourth-grade teacher.

It was a treat to see the pride in their eyes and in each other as they took new arrivals on tours of their first home in suburban Philadelphia. Their quiet contentment with what they had accomplished was as evident as the hardwood floors they had liberated by their labor in tearing up the cigarette smoke-saturated carpeting.

Every time they led visitors upstairs, it was pointed out that Jared had painted the bannister and stairs and Michelle had painted the canvas that hung in the stairwell.

Their new home also featured material reminders of their families. For example, the living room contained marble-topped tables from a grandmother’s home and a decorative clock from a great-grandmother’s residence.

It takes a lot of hard work to transform a house into a home, but the same could be said for a couple to build a successful marriage. They need the ability to work as a team, strong support from families and a firm faith in God who knew from eternity they were meant to be together.

Jared and Michelle’s housewarming was also a reminder that the key ingredient is love — of each other and for God. Wherever a family dwells together in God’s love is home.


God’s love warms our heart.

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