Happy New Year, everyone! I wish there was more magic connected to the day than just having to relearn writing a new date on your documents. Wouldn’t it be great if when the clock strikes midnight on Jan. 1 our bills would be paid, our aches would be healed and our hair would grow back in all the right places? Unfortunately, none of that happens. When I discover that I’m still here as we begin a brand-new year, I must psyche myself up to get back out there and continue to run my race with everything I have left in the tank.

I was never blessed with speed. I certainly was never referred to as fast. When I was young, baseball was my game. I could throw hard, hit well and play some great defense, but I was slow as molasses when it came to running the bases. My coach wanted to put a “Slow Moving Vehicle” sign on my back. Teammates wished that I would run in the right lane so they could pass me in the left one. One season, I had nine triples that could have easily been nine home runs if I had any kind of umph at all. And I was one guy who rarely ever got the sign from the coach to steal a base unless I could get a clear head start. I’m so thankful that life was not meant to be a 50-yard dash.

Rudy Sheptock is the pastor of Shamokin Christian and Missionary Alliance Church and hosts weekend oldies radio shows on WISL-AM 1480. His columns appear in each Friday edition of The News-Item and he welcomes reader feedback at oldieswithaheart@gmail.com.

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