One of the classic constellations of the night over Shamokin is Pegasus, the flying horse. The heavenly horsey is currently soaring in the southeastern early evening sky. The traditional interpretation of Pegasus is a horse flying upside down with puny little wings. If you can see it that way, more power to you. Over the years I’ve strayed from that view of Pegasus, although I’m not the only one. I see a majestic horse flying right side up with a huge wingspan. It’s the version of Pegasus you see on old Mobile gas station signs. Pegasus is rescuing the lovely Princess Andromeda from a giant ravenous sea monster.

As soon as it’s dark enough, look directly above the eastern horizon for a giant diamond of four fairly bright stars that outline the torso of Pegasus, otherwise known as the “Square of Pegasus.” They’re easy to spot since they are the brightest stars in that area of the sky. The star at the top of the diamond is Scheat, the base of the flying horse’s neck. Look above Scheat for two fainter stars that outline the rest of the neck and another relatively faint star to the lower right of the neck that marks the flying horsey’s nose.

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