Commencement of work for extension of an electric railway line from Ashland to other points in Schuylkill County was met with complaints on Thursday, Dec. 10, 1891 in Shenandoah.

Residents objected to the placement of poles on the edge of the pavement on North Main street by workmen for the Mahanoy City, Shenandoah, Girardville and Ashland Street Railway Company.

The Evening Herald, Shenandoah, of that date noted, “The digging of the first hole was a signal for the appearance of the never-to-be-subdued kickers. They growled because the poles were placed on the edge of the pavement, but could suggest no more suitable place. The gutters, of course, could not be blocked, and they certainly could not be placed in the roadway.”

The Herald noted the necessity of accepting some minor inconveniences in the interest of progress.

“The telegraph poles have occupied the pavements for years, awning posts are as thick as wheat in a field, and the crowding of store boxes on the pavement seems to have grown into universal favor. The electric railway poles are being placed in line with the telegraph poles and will occupy no more space.”

The newspaper reported a gang of men were also breaking ground and placing poles in Ashland that same day.

“Window and door frames are now in position on the walls of the car house at Rappahannock and the stone walls of the engine house are almost completed. The beds for the generators are completed. The boilers arrived at Mahanoy Plane yesterday and were unloaded today. They will be placed in position the first part of next week. “

However, they reported, the work of spiking rails and laying wires at William Penn had been delayed as a result of a shortage of sills, which was attributed both to the inability of contractors to keep pace with the demand and also to contractors to comply with agreement as to size.

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