Josh O’Connor, left, and Emma Corrin play Prince Charles and Princess Diana in “The Crown.”

Prince Charles and soon-to-be Princess Diana took questions from press immediately after their engagement in 1981. Someone asked whether they were in love, to which Diana bashfully responded, “Of course.” Shifting his gaze from Diana to the journalist, Charles replied, “Whatever ‘in love’ means.” Diana laughed it off.

“The Crown” seized the opportunity to depict this foretelling moment in its latest season, tweaking Diana’s response to, “Oh, yes, absolutely” but keeping Charles’s perceived detachment intact. In the Netflix series, which follows the Windsor family throughout the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, Diana’s friends assure her after the interview that Charles’s strange response was probably the result of nerves. As the real Diana revealed in a private video recording later made public in a 2017 documentary, his words “traumatized” her.

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