TREVORTON — The Zerbe Township supervisors unanimously approved the purchase of two new body cameras for the township’s police force following remarks from Chief of Police Mike Kreischer on Monday night.

“We are living at a time when we need to protect ourselves and the community and justify everything we do. The use of body cameras by members of our police force is a way for us to document and support our actions, such as when we perform traffic stops or respond to public incidents. It enables us to record both visually and audibly as necessary and provides us with evidence which supports the work we’re doing,” Kreischer told the board.

When asked how many cameras would be needed, Kreischer responded, “I would think at least a minimum of two, possibly three, depending upon how many of us are working together at any given time.”

The supervisors voted unanimously to approve the purchase of two new body cameras for the police force at a cost not to exceed $750. The brand selected was Zetronix with night vision, at a cost of $349.99 each.

In other business, Riverview Bank manager Missy Yeager expressed concerns over non-customers repeatedly taking up the parking spots outside the bank during the normal business hours of 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“The bank would like to obtain approval from the township for purchase of restricted parking signs, which would prohibit non-bank customers from parking in those areas during banking hours,” she said.

Solicitor Roger Weist, however, expressed concerns over the idea.

“I’ve seen this tried in the past and it hasn’t worked. I strongly recommend not putting a sign up for one business and not for others. The restricted parking in that area may also raise further issues with handicapped requests and right now we don’t have the law enforcement resources available to enforce it and cite violators consistently,” he said.

Supervisor Mike Mazer raised the possibility of creating a new township ordinance that would allow the purchase of parking permits for designated areas at a standard fee.

“I’ve seen it done in other communities such as Kulpmont and it’s worked well for them,” he said.

Board President Mike Schwartz added, “We could also restrict it to businesses only in our ordinance.”

A motion to transfer $1,502.28 from the genera lfund to the fire truck fund was approved, along with separate motions to transfer $8,177,65 (40 percent of fire fund tax) from the fire fund to the fire company and $1,017.21 (5 percent of fire fund tax) from the fire fund to the new truck fund.

A motion to renew a lease with the Trevorton Community Ambulance, which is set to expire on March 16, was approved.

Motions for sewer exonerations for Bowen Development LLC were approved for 722 and 724 W. Coal St.

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