ELYSBURG — Celebrating 67 years, Berger’s customer service has made us known far and wide. Selection, free wrapping and a visit with the store dog are our trademarks. Over the years, our customers have been greeted by Bear, Yoshie, Jake, and now Stella and Reba (in training).

We could not celebrate 67 years in business without our valued customers. A satisfied customer is always our goal and the best advertisement. When your friends tell a friend about Berger’s, the word is spread.

Our store always has that special gift for that special person at that special time. Recently, a special gift given during a very hard time was handed down to a second generation. We were told the story of how during that difficult time this gift was the one special item needed to give the family peace. Hearing this and so many other stories, we have reaffirmed that we are in the right business.

After 67 years, we are blessed as a business to daily help deepen individuals’ faith in God. During these current hard times in our world, Berger’s is still here for our customers to find that special peace. Thank you to our customers who give us back so much peace.

We have specific religious items, with special areas for firefighters, police, military, teachers and nurses, to mention a few. During communion season, the store offers a large selection of items including veils and cards for the occasion. At confirmation, many unique and inspiring gifts are on hand with special orders taken daily. The store carries a large selection of medals, rosaries, crosses, indoor and outdoor statues, prayer cards, baby gifts and gifts for any occasion.

Since 1952, Berger’s, a specialist in the church goods industry, offers our church accounts what they need through our recurring essentials program. Tell us what you want and we do the rest. From altar breads, candles, charcoal and incense, candle oil to yearly desk calendars.

Berger’s has plentiful parking, located on Route 54 in Elysburg. Our “new” store hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. The store is always closed Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.

Quality service is second to none. Thank you to the generations of customers who came and come to find those special gifts for those special occasions for those very special people.

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