SHAMOKIN — Heitzman’s Radiator, Glass and Parts Inc. has been in business for more than 80 years.

In 1935, Edward Heitzman started a service shop with radiator repair and screen and glass replacements. Approximately 30 years later Edward and Ted Sr. decided to buy what was Harner Motors and revamped it into a repair service shop. Since then, Heitzman’s has continued to expand at this location at 20 N. Third St.

The business has expanded to include many automobile needs, and third and fourth generations of the family have joined the business.

Their goal since day one has been to give the best to care for their customers and their vehicles, while remaining a family business.

“If you are looking for an oil change, glass prices and radiator repair, Ted Sr. is the one you’re looking for,” Heitzman’s promotes. “Ted Jr. works on your air conditioners, window replacement and auto glass repair.

“If your check engine light is on, Ed is the guy with the computer diagnostics, engine problems and the stuff that’s hard to figure out,” the family says. “He will do his best to get it fixed.

“Tom is the tire guy, basic car repair, inspection and about anything in between. And in the office, Rebekah will be glad to take care of your appointments, sales and greet you with a smiling face when you come to the door.”

Heitzman’s is a proud ACDelco partner and does its best to promote the things they offer. They stock a line of parts and batteries for customer convenience, along with the most common sizes of tires from Cooper at very competitive prices with excellent warranty and service after the sale.

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