Patient care at the Evangelical Community Hospital Center for Orthopaedics occupies the third floor of 210 JPM Road, Lewisburg.

LEWISBURG — Staff and guests got a sneak preview of the new home of SUN Orthopaedics of Evangelical Thursday.

The practice is on the second and third floors of the Center for Orthopaedics at 210 JPM Road, Lewisburg. Provider and staff support is on the second floor with patient care on the third. Official opening is planned for Monday, June 25.

Kendra Aucker, Evangelical Community Hospital president/CEO, said the physicians would be the same as at the former site of SUN Ortho, but the additional space for support staff will simply make things run better.

“They are adding physician assistants, so they can run tandem clinics,” Aucker said. “It will allow us to improve our access.”

Aucker noted the number of examination rooms have increased. There are also triage rooms where patients may be evaluated in private.

“The way the space is designed is to move you from (the lobby) to the back more quickly,” Aucker added.

The new facility cost about $5.6 million, said William P. Anderson, vice president and COO, and was paid for as a routine capital expense. Its strategic initiative was set several years ago. From concept to opening took about three years.

Aucker noted that the physical therapy department is now at the Miller Center for Recreation and Wellness. Pediatric Dentistry of Lewisburg, a former Evangelical tenant, now occupies a building of its own on Hospital Drive.

Johanna Klinger, a radiologic technician, said x-ray professionals were excited by the upgrades.

“We’ll have two (x-ray) rooms as opposed to one,” she observed. “That should help with patient flow and keep things moving along. We see anywhere from 45 on busy days to 60 patients on really busy days.”

Klinger said additional space for crutches, wheelchairs and other equipment will also be helpful.

Aucker added the space will improve patient care and be more reflective of the reputation of the orthopaedic practice.

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