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Titanic connections Special Kulpmont, Shamokin stories remembered 106 years after sinking

At 2:20 a.m. in the North Atlantic Ocean 106 years ago today, 1,517 people met their fate in freezing cold water as the “unsinkable” Titanic fell to the ocean floor. Among the victims was third-class passenger Docart Sitik (AKA Daher Abi Shedid), a 19-year-old Syrian boy who reportedly jumped from the ship and swam to an ice mass, where he froze to death. Sitik […]

Starwatch: Last call for the dogs of winter

The constellations Canis Major and Canis Minor are Orion the hunter’s faithful companions in our Shamokin starry skies. Orion is one of the best known and most recognized characters in the night sky. He’s certainly the king of the cold winter heavens, surrounded by a gang of bright stars and companion constellations like the hounds of winter. Get a good […]

PAGE ONE REWIND 1977: Image of Christ seen on altar cloth

SHAMOKIN — “Grandmam, grandmam, hurry — come see God!” Iris Reigle, age nine, tugged at her grandmother’s hand Wednesday evening and, pointing to the altar at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church exclaimed: “Grandmam, on the cloth— see, there is God’s face.” Grandmam, Mrs. Clarence Fegley, Burnside, standing in the rear of the church, turned toward the altar where the Blessed Sacrament is […]

Vet speaks out on pensions

A noncombatant’s criticism of pensions for Union Army veterans fired up an editor of Shenandoah’s Evening Herald in March 1892. His response, published in the Monday, March 28 edition, is a gem: “Let some man who thinks so take a blanket some cold, rainy night and go out and sleep in the pig pen. “Let him get up in the […]

Klutz left faceprint on high school gym class

One of the wisest decisions JoAnn and I ever made was to have our taxes done by someone who actually knows what he is doing instead of me. Otherwise, I would be writing this column from a federal prison since the IRS would not find my mistakes very funny. This brings me to one of the wisest decisions that I […]

Soils — part 2 of 2 — fertilizer

Your garden soil: It’s much more than dirt! This beautiful brown material decides the success of your plants. Last week this column discussed the make-up of soil, the reasons for soil fertility testing, and the importance of correct soil pH. Let’s move on to fertilizers this week. Organic matter is a valuable part of soil. It is the final stage […]

Saturday Spirit

Driving to an unfamiliar place with four kids in the car, it was no wonder Dad would sometimes get lost even with Mother serving as navigator. However, he did have a good way of looking at it. “Just think. If we hadn’t gotten lost, we wouldn’t have seen this.” One memorable time, though, Dad got lost in Scranton. He eventually […]

Your Farmville crops are old

Your Farmville crops are old. How old are they? Old enough to be a member of the U.S. Senate. Listen. With all due respect, it would be dishonest of me to state the Zuckerberg testimony was anything less than painful this week. It was like a songbird trying to communicate with a jellyfish.  I respect all the members of Senate […]

Rusty Rail Brewing

In 2009, brothers Paul and Eric John purchased a massive former industrial building in Mifflinburg. The facility came with an illustrious history, first serving as a hub for the manufacturing of carriage seats in the 1800s. By 1928, the building was the home of the Mifflinburg Body Company, one of the nation’s largest makers of wooden automotive bodies. Finally, it […]

Swan song time for Orion and his gang

All winter long we’ve been dazzled and amazed by the bright luminaries that make up the cast of what I call “Orion and his gang.” When you gaze upward into the late winter-early spring skies you can’t help but see those three distinct stars that make up the belt of the mighty hunter, the constellation Orion. It’s just one of […]

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