I’m shook, but also here for it because it’s fire

“I’m shook, but I’m also here for it because it’s fire.” That, my friends, is a real sentence in which there are many stances, opinions and feelings. Seriously. I know. One day you’re 21, the next day, your birthday cake candles are heating your house and potentially a fire hazard. Much like hearing Nirvana on an oldies station, age sets […]

About Donald Trump’s hair…

Some things you just can’t unsee.  In a video posted Monday, President Trump is seen boarding a plane. An unfortunate gust of wind blows his way, up the back of his coat, and subsequently blows the hair on the back of his head, well, I don’t even know. Up? Apart? Yes, his hair was blown apart revealing what is likely […]


Inspiration can come from very strange places. Whatever moves us to become better human beings should be personal. Lifestyle changes are crucial when one decides their life is tanking in any way. It can be a matter of saving money, quitting bad habits, getting organized or getting healthy. For many, the Internet is a massive source for inspiration; for others, […]

I am getting too old to understand

In a divisive climate where Democrats and Republicans take every opportunity to use playground tactics to insult each other, along comes something even dumber — or equally dumb, depending on how brainwashed you are. What is up with eating Tide Pods?  I get it was a “thing” back when they came out that they resembled “candy” (no they don’t). I remember […]

Sorry, Bessie; I can’t quit you

I went vegan last fall. SPOILER ALERT: It didn’t last.  Let me start with a little background about my relationship with food, my body and the revolving door of what should fuel the machine as opposed to what I’ve tried as fuel in the past. Food trends seem to come and go like Mexican restaurants in the Coal Township plaza. I grew […]

What’s on your mind, Jenna? New normals are the strangest things

Call them the new normals, the present world climate or a bowl of disaster soup, but the world is very different these days and very magnified. I mean, I know I’ve been hibernating for a while, but I was not recently unfrozen from a block of ice. I’m still an advocate of being responsible for one’s own actions no matter what’s […]

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