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Spendthrift  When we built our store we paid our share of fees to the township. What makes the county prison any different? I think the county should swallow their pride before they bite the wrong bullet. Everything cost money. Bus fuss What’s with all these old school buses painted black and white I see on the highway? There are people […]

$1,500 toward ‘TNR’ a worthy investment for cat woes

Mount Carmel, not unlike Shamokin and other local communities, has a cat problem. The population of stray and feral cats has been exploding over the recent past, a self-perpetuating problem that is not solved easily or quickly. But the borough has taken a key step toward improving the situation, one that satisfies those who want action but stops short of the controversial tactic of […]

Just A Thought: Age is just a number, unless…

Back when I was seven years old, my father gave me a dollar and sent me up the block to Souden’s Market, a long-gone mom-and-pop store on the corner of Mulberry and Third streets, where I purchased a pack of Pall Mall Gold for him. The price of the pack of cigarettes back then was 55 cents. I told old Alfie or […]

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Change course Mr. Mueller’s investigation found no evidence of any American knowingly participating in Russia’s election interference scheme. Maybe Mueller should investigate how Russia gained control of 20 percent of our short supply of American uranium? Hint: Start with Obama and Hillary. Editor’s take: There has yet to be a conclusion on the Mueller investigation. What was said last week is that […]

Casey vs. Barletta: The probabilities

If politics is a science, it is a science of probabilities, not certainties. “President” Hillary Clinton could probably elaborate on that, as could the late “President” Tom Dewey. This is not to say there are no certainties in politics. One is the calendar. Pennsylvania on Nov. 6 will hold a U.S. Senate election (along with 33 other states) — one […]

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Impeachable  Since the FBI indicted 13 Russians for interfering with the elections, Trump made more than a dozen statements relating to the indictments. Not once has he expressed outrage that the Russians conducted an attack on American democracy. Not once has Trump warned Putin not to attack the 2018 election. Failing to take every possible action to stop an anticipated […]

Township’s pitiful claims on permit only hurt taxpayers

To the editor: I’d like to expand on Larry Deklinski’s excellent piece, “County cites 2 court cases in arguments that Coal Township permit is not valid,” published on Monday. His article examined the legally sketchy behavior of the Coal Township commissioners (as outlined in the county’s filing), but that may not be all of it. On Sept. 6, the Coal […]

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Milquetoast I keep reading that Obama was the most divisive president in history, and I just don’t get it. He was a middle of the road milquetoast president. He passed the right-wing health care plan, “Romneycare.” He added five wars to the two we were already fighting. He never met a bank or corporation he didn’t love. He deported more people than […]

Shroyer demolition major step in city blight fight

The wheels of progress turn slowly when it comes to remediating blighted properties, but Shamokin nonetheless arrived at a milestone last week. This year’s state budget includes $600,000 toward the demolition and cleanup of the former Shamokin Dress Co. factory, or “Shroyer building,” which fronts Packer Street and stretches a full city block between Rock and Shamokin streets. It hasn’t operated since the […]

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Crumbs Enjoy the increase of a few dollars in your paycheck. They are only crumbs compared to the billions of dollars corporate executives received. When Trump adds a $.25 per gallon federal tax on gas you will not be able to afford driving on the roads he wants to fix. Not in vain I have to give our local police […]

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