Letters to the Editor

Township’s pitiful claims on permit only hurt taxpayers

To the editor: I’d like to expand on Larry Deklinski’s excellent piece, “County cites 2 court cases in arguments that Coal Township permit is not valid,” published on Monday. His article examined the legally sketchy behavior of the Coal Township commissioners (as outlined in the county’s filing), but that may not be all of it. On Sept. 6, the Coal […]

Hiss, diss and good citizenship

To the editor: The present relations between the winners in political power and the losers are beyond logic. Logic would indicate that the core citizenship values of countrymen of all persuasions would kick in after a political battle and support the “live and let live” activities of everyday life as well as contribute to a functioning government. As an engineer, […]

Mayor says thank you, volunteers

To the editor: It seemed like just another day in our communities, but turned into a long, drawn-out night that lasted until the morning. The fire pager went off at about 11:15 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 1. Volunteer firefighters rushed to their stations to respond to a fire call without regard for their own safety or families, but to help others. Within […]

A dangerous disdain for the facts

To the editor: Why would Republican conservatives believe so many lies? We all tend to believe what we want “truth” to be, but this Washington administration of conservatives take gullibility to a whole new level. Curiously, the right-wing disdain for facts and reasoning seems to have little to do with IQ or education to these often otherwise reasonable people. In […]

Buffalo chips that stink to high heaven, in a quest for privacy

To the editor: All Americans value privacy. Invasion of privacy is private-sector spying and it is extremely invasive in our technological world. Trollers watch your social media and profile you. Search engines capture usage information and use/sell it commercially. Hackers invade your hardware and, in the blink of an eye, your identity is stolen. Victims attempt to protect themselves with […]

Wishing for a world where we are judged by our character, not color

To the editor: I think there is a category of Trump supporters who are not old enough to remember what happened in the past. I lived in Bethlehem. I am 65 and saw firsthand what went on. The racist remarks, separate sides of town, the KKK. I heard my wonderful parents say things as a child that tore me apart. But […]

Show no mercy for American ‘KGB-I’

To the editor: “The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity.” — Dwight D. Eisenhower According to a congressional investigation, and their recently released memo, former leaders of our Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI used our nation’s spy powers to surveil a presidential political campaign. These spy powers, reserved for non-citizen hostile foreign agents without constitutional rights, were illegally […]

Doing ‘good’ for the township depends on definition of ‘good’

To the editor: Bill Clinton once (famously) stated, “It depends on what the meaning of the word “is” is. While I am not a Clinton fan, it nonetheless serves my purpose to paraphrase his statement, as it applies to a recent letter written by Northumberland County Commissioner Sam Schiccatano. In response to a letter written by Coal Township Commissioner Craig Fetterman, […]

After lifetime in education, goal remains same: Do the right thing

To the editor: My responses to Mr. Clausi’s letter to the editor: First, Mr. Clausi, I never took credit for the proposed senior housing project along Trevorton Road. The credit goes to Ed Christiano and the Northumberland County Housing Authority for applying for the funds and doing all the legwork for this project. As far as the prison project, Mr. Clausi, […]

Citizens advisory board would aid city

To the editor: If you’re following along with the recent developments at City Hall, you’ve likely noticed that there have been a lot of back-door dealings. To be more correct, it hasn’t just been recently, but for many years. This isn’t the government we expect. We expect honest and open leadership. Transparency. Public input. The process for the nomination for […]

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