To the editor: While perusing Jack Strausser’s latest anti-Trump diatribe, I was reminded of an episode of the old comedy, the Honeymooners. Ralph and Alice were discussing Ralph’s penchant for getting things wrong, and Ralph remarks in his defense, “No one is 100% Alice.” The never to be outdone Alice retorts, “You are! You’ve been wrong every time!” Ralph and Jack Strausser seem to share a common trait!

First, Mr. Strausser stated that President Trump “referred to servicemen and veterans as losers and suckers.” That rumor has been not only been thoroughly debunked, it also defies belief, considering all the actions Trump has taken to help the military and veterans. He has completely revamped the healthcare system for veterans, to ensure they get adequate care at VA hospitals. Under Obama & Biden, the system was a disaster, as most of us recall. He has provided raises for servicemen, made frequent visits to combat zones to lift their spirits, including holidays, and has shown his respect and admiration for our military men and women in every possible way, including ending needless wars.

Mr. Strausser also condemned the amount of taxes paid by the president. I wonder if Jack would voluntarily pay more in taxes than he had to? In fact, who in their right mind would? Trump’s methods were completely legal, and many of the tax laws he took advantage of were enacted under Obama/Biden.

Finally, he criticized the Trump Foundation charity, citing a New York investigation which claimed they lied about charity work. Of course, no one would dispute a claim against Trump leveled by liberal New York, right? (Chuckle chuckle)

The fact is that President Trump has indeed “made America great again” through his America First programs. He extracted us from trade and environmental agreements, which punished American businesses, while exempting other nations (some of which were our enemies) from the regulations. Prior to the pandemic, he had unemployment at some of the lowest rates ever recorded, including blacks, Hispanics and women. In fact, the economy is so strong, that even the pandemic can’t keep it down. We are recovering nicely, the stock market is still soaring, 401k’s are making huge gains, and unemployment is going down.

Remember ISIS? When Obama and Biden were in charge, these criminal radicals were on live TV beheading, drowning, and setting fire to other human beings, while laughing at Obama’s anemic threats. Remember? Do you see that now? No! Because Trump destroyed ISIS!

To paraphrase Jack Strausser, Trump’s accomplishments “could fill many books. In fact, they do.” Give me Trump over that tired old man any day!!

Charles H. Shuey

Coal Township

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