Marriage licenses

Santina Sacavage, 42 N. Front St., Sunbury, and Daniel Jeremiah Shoop, 187 Windom Lane, Paxinos. Issued Aug. 9, 2018.

Christine Marie McAndrew and Rickie Von Hummel, both of 135 Kahler Drive, Shamokin. Issued Aug. 11, 2018.

Tiffany Michelle Sejuit and Tyler Wayne Roeder, both of 324 Colonial Ave., Mount Carmel. Issued Aug. 11, 2018.

Anthony Joseph Santelli and Heather Lee Cimino, both of 121 N. Center St., Mount Carmel. To be issued Aug. 13, 2018.

Robert Eugene Beach and Tina Louise Epler, both of 890 Linden Road, P.O. Box 35, Paxinos. To be issued Aug. 13, 2018.

Ashleigh Thomas and Allen Eugene Deibler Jr., both of 229 Sunbury St., Dalmatia. To be issued Aug. 13, 2018.

Property transfers

James Michael Finney (estate) and Edith M. Foust (executrix) to Karen Cooper, property in Ralpho Township, $55,000.

Mary Kathryn Bernas to Angela M. Bernas-Miller and Billy S. Miller Jr., property in Coal Township, $1.

Eric M. Henninger and Shelly A. Henninger to Wesley D. Tillett and Megan A. Tillett, property in Ralpho Township, $198,000.

Norma E. Reed to Heidi J. Dawson and Matthew S. Zerbe, property in Ralpho Township, $128,500.

Craig Fetterman and Jean Fetterman to Joseph F. Seroski and Kelly S. Seroski, property in Coal Township, $14,500.

Lisa Neidig and William Neidig to Joseph Mieciecki Sr., property in Coal Township, $1.

Thavrath Ouk Rodgers and John Robert Rodgers to Small America Real Estate, property in Mount Carmel, $3,000.

Jonathan A. Walz and Denae A. Cole to David A. Wendt and Linda G. Wendt, property in Upper Augusta Township, $139,000.

Jonathan L. Geise and Karen L. Geise to Pamela Breeden, property in Shamokin, $3,500.

Shirley J. Madara (estate) and Kimber David Madara (executor) to Bonnie L. Bailey, property in Coal Township, $100.

Northumberland County Sheriff, William K. Daubert Sr., William Daubert and Kathryn C. Daubert to M&T Bank, property in Coal Township, $2,885.80.

Northumberland County Sheriff, Richard H. Fortune, Jeanne M. Fortune and Jeanne M. Swatski to LSF10 Master Participation Trust, property in Coal Township, $2,316.17.

Northumberland County Sheriff, William D. Zimmerman Sr. to FNB Bank NA, property in Shamokin, $1,688.69.

Northumberland County Sheriff, Paul J. Healey and Renee M. Healey to Santander Bank NA, property in Shamokin, $1,550.80.

Northumberland County Sheriff, Joseph A. Scherr to Federal National Mortgage Association, property in Mount Carmel, $1,597.53.

US ROF IV Legal Title Trust 2015-1 and US Bank National Association (trustee) to Ronald Ryan and Joan Ryan, property in Mount Carmel, $109,200.

Northumberland County Tax Claim Bureau to Northumberland County Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area Authority, property in Coal Township, $1.

Brian D. Pedrick and Donna M. Pedrick to Brian J. Sempko and Tammy M. Sempko, property in Snydertown, $35,000.

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