SHAMOKIN — Dan McGaw, a Shamokin councilman and candidate for Northumberland County commissioner, claims he was harassed and threatened to drop out of the race through a Facebook post by the campaign manager for another commissioner candidate.

McGaw told The News-Item on Thursday that he was informed of a Facebook message in April from Gregory Snyder, campaign manager for fellow Democratic commissioner candidate Tom Aber, of Milton.

McGaw said the message was initially sent to Shamokin Treasurer Brenda Scandle, who at Snyder’s request, forwarded it to McGaw.

The message reads as follows:

“Brenda, I met with a core group of my active Democrats today. We discussed Dan McGaw and that we have been hearing he is seriously reconsidering his run for Democratic commissioner. Unanimously, they feel that if he drops out of the commissioners’ race and does not run as a Democrat, we will stop the attacks on him. But if he decides to continue on this ridiculous path, we will not only continue the assault, but will increase the intensity.

“Not one person believes he is a Democrat and all felt that he is nothing but a plant and a puppet for the Republicans. I do not see any possibility that he can make it through the Democratic primary, much less be any sort of contender in the general.

“Please feel free to share this with him. If he wants to hold onto what dignity he has left, he needs to go back to concentrating on city council.

“Please understand, I am not trying to be cruel. I am just stating the facts as they are. I see a real chance for our Democrats this year and I am working everyday to ensure that we take our best shot this year.”

McGaw said he was “appalled” by the Facebook post and finds it hard to believe someone would threaten him to drop out of the race.

The Shamokin resident said he has never spoken to Snyder or Aber.

“I find the message to be alarming,” he said. “What kind of guy would do something like this?”

McGaw, who didn’t file a complaint with the Northumberland County Board of Elections Office, said he called the Pennsylvania State Police White Collar Crime Unit and was informed they couldn’t really help him unless Snyder physically threatened him.

McGaw said he recently switched from Republican to Democrat, but didn’t think he would receive such a harsh welcome by one of the Northumberland County Democratic Party committee members.

“It’s no wonder the number of Democrats in the county is dropping if people who switch parties like myself are greeted with this type of treatment,” McGaw said.

Efforts to contact Snyder and Aber were unsuccessful Thursday evening.

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