SUNBURY — Incumbent Northumberland County Commissioners Kymberley Best and Sam Schiccatano each sailed through Tuesday’s primary to the general election on their party’s respective tickets.

Democrat Best and Republican Schiccatano topped their party’s ticket. They will be joined by Democrat Tom Aber and Republican Joe Klebon on November’s ballot to compete for the three available positions within the county.

Schiccatano and Klebon campaigned together

Best extended thanks to the voters Tuesday night, saying, “I’m appreciative of the voters that came out and supported me and voted for me and I’m looking forward to the next step.”

Aber said he’s “happy to be a partner with Kym Best” and said they’re going to continue pushing forward with even more effort going into the Nov. 5 general election.

Schiccatano and Klebon campaigned together during the primary, and Schiccatano was pleased to hear they are both moving forward to the general election. He said they will move forward to earn the trust of voters and continue to work hard in leading up to the election so the “people will feel confident with us and move this county forward.”

“I appreciate the people that have seen what I’ve tried to do in the last 3 1/2 years and a lot of people I think were supporting me and a lot of people were saying they were praying for good results and I appreciate that.

He commended those on the Republican ticket for running a positive race and he extends thanks and congratulations for the work put forth in the primary.

The vote was as follows on the Democratic ticket: Best, 2,642 votes; Aber, 1,998 votes, McGaw, 1,292 votes and Turlis, 1,777.

The votes on the Republican ticket were: Schiccatano, 4461 votes, Klebon, 3,821 votes, Webb, 3,474 and Shreck, 2,669.

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